940 Million people in the world have no access to electricity.

16 Million are Filipinos.

Even in the midst of this pandemic, there are still those left in the dark.

#LightItForward is a challenge to light up the world for those who still have to live without electricity.

Participants will challenge their friends to assemble Liter of Light lamps that will be delivered to them by volunteer bicycle messengers of The Bike Scouts Project.

Completed Liter of Light lamps will be given to coffee farming communities all around the country in partnership with MA+D Coffee Growers Association of the Philippines.

With more people rising to the challenge, more and more homes will light up as we bring hope and livelihood to each communities.

When you #LightItForward today, you can help lift communities towards a brighter future.

With your help, together, we will find our way through this darkness.